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(from Press Release) After the release of the Mercedes Benz SLS in Frankfurt, the team of Gullwing-America began work on their design for a body package that would give the car a more retro look similar to the amazing Gullwing 300SL.

Arturo Alonso, GWA chief engineer, went back to the drawing board and came out with this amazing idea: to make this outstanding car, the flagship of Mercedes technology, into a 300SL for the 21 century. This is achieved by incorporating details, like the clean grille, the ribs on the hood and fenders and other details that make the original Gullwing such an unforgettable car.

Named after the 300SL, the very comprehensive “Panamericana” conversion kit will consist of seven body parts made from Hybrid Aluminum and carbon fiber. This includes: two side vents, a set of chrome details (which includes a grille frame), new oval dual Xenon headlights, a set of GWA wheels (which come staggered in 19” and 20”), a sport tuned muffler system, and more.

The interior is left almost original, except for the options of an Alcantara center piece insert for the seats with special contrast stitching that resembles the plaid design of the past and a set of illuminated brushed Aluminum door sills that light up with the Panamericana logo as you open the doors.

They also have the option for the legendary racing stripes on the front fenders, in any color combination that you desire.

The very detailed lifelike renders show Alonso's favorite combination, white with red stripes and red interior, “a classic”, he says. The parts will be distributed only by GWA, and they will be made in Germany.

Design Extérieur

Design extérieur de la Mercedes-Benz Panamericana Body Package.

Design extérieur de la Mercedes-Benz Panamericana Body Package.