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GTbyCitroŽn Concept



Design Extťrieur

Dťcouvrez le design extťrieur du concept car GTbyCitroŽn.

Dťcouvrez le design extťrieur du concept car GTbyCitroŽn.


Prťsentation de l'intťrieur de la GTbyCitroŽn.

Prťsentation de l'intťrieur de la GTbyCitroŽn.


Quelques dessins du concept car GTbyCitroŽn.

Quelques dessins du concept car GTbyCitroŽn.


Dťtails de la conception de la maquette du concept car GTbyCitroŽn.

Dťtails de la conception de la maquette du concept car GTbyCitroŽn.



With GTbyCITROňN, a show-car presented at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, CitroŽn becomes the first vehicle manufacturer to cross over to the virtual worlds: An original take on a road car, GTbyCITROňN is a style replica of a vehicle from the digital world. The car is the result of a partnership between CitroŽn and Polyphony, designer of the driving simulation game Gran Turismo 5 on Playstation 3. Already shipped in more than 50 million units worldwide, Gran Turismo is renowned for its quality, design and realism.

In the game, GTbyCITROňN features an electric drive train powered by a fuel cell with no pollutant emissions. It is a car designed to square up to the strongest competition.

ďGTbyCITROňN shows how the worlds of virtual and real-life motoring can join together to create a truly innovative partnership. We were delighted that Citroen approached us and gave us the opportunity to combine our creative strengths to build this very special concept car. To see the car take shape in game and then for real has been a truly unique experience as our work normally stays in the digital world. I just hope I can get behind the wheel of GTbyCITROňN and drive it on a real race track!Ē
Kazanori Yamauchi, President of Polyphony Digital Inc and creator of Gran Turismo

Performance first and foremost

GTbyCITROňN is geared to the world of motor racing, with its dynamic styling, sculpted lines and sharp graphics. The rear end is oversized, made exaggeratedly long in order to create an effect of retinal persistence. The idea is to make the concept car even faster visually. The white-to-grey gradation on the body side further underlines this impression of continuous movement.

Top-level driving

The cabin of GTbyCITROňN, designed to seat two adults, expresses the grand touring vision behind this show-car. The on-board ambience allies premium, extensively worked materials with a more high-tech effect for the driving position. The layout of the low driving position was dictated by driving pleasure. The aim is for the driver to be able to concentrate on the road, assisted by a head-up display clearly displaying driving information.


- Power and flowing lines

The design of GTbyCITROňN reflects a quest for optimal aerodynamic design. The show-car is a vehicle of flowing, taut lines, stretched to the extreme. The cleanly drawn sides, ribbed at the top, and the pearlescent shade of the bodywork enhance the vehicle's sleekly muscled looks.

The determined look of the front end is enhanced by wide air intakes and clear-cut horizontal headlamps. The headlamps feature penetrating blue LEDs in order to light the road effectively and keep rivals at a respectful distance! The chrome chevrons on the smooth bonnet express the Marque's identity. The carbon rearview mirrors on their finely profiled supports appear to be suspended as if to cleave the air, giving GTbyCITROňN an excellent on-road stance. The large wraparound windscreen flows seamlessly into the roof and on into the rear mobile airfoil with its exaggeratedly long shape. The fast-flowing lines create the impression of a car in perpetual movement. The whole body expresses performance and continuous movement.

GTbyCITROňN also expresses strength and power through generous volumes, (length: 4.960m, 2.080m and height: 1.090m) underlined by strongly marked wheel arches. The diamond-effect 21-inch aluminium wheels enhance the car's sporty personality.

- Exceptional handling

The interior design confirms the vehicle's dynamic and powerful style. The interior of GTbyCITROňN, designed to seat a driver and co-driver, expresses the racing spirit of this concept. The on-board ambience allies rich, premium, extensively worked materials with a more high-tech effect for the driving position, inspired by the world of motorsports.

Looking beyond the spectacular visual effect, the gullwing opening of the two doors gives GTbyCITROňN a level of accessibility rarely seen on this type of vehicle. The driver and co-driver can therefore slip into their seats and get out on the track as quickly as possible.

The dark interior of this show-car is a surprise, compared with the light bodywork. Upholstered in black leather with subtle touches of rare materials such as copper and steel, the cabin of GTbyCITROňN is distinctly sporty.

Two padded racing seats upholstered in dark leather, each fitted with a four-point harness, enfold the driver and passenger for exceptional driving sensations. Placed low down to highlight the impression of speed, the elegant seats are a perfect fit with the rest of the interior. The top-stitched leather of the door panels and floor adds to the opulence of the interior.

The driving position expresses the spirit of competition. The design was objectively guided by the motivation to win.

The dashboard, with its clean uncluttered design, flows into the receding lines of an imposing copper sculpture. The thrusting modern lines of the sculpture become the central tunnel of the vehicle, illustrating the power of GTbyCITROňN and appearing to catalyse its strength. Created in a twist of this same copper sculpture, the leather-and-steel steering wheel also reflects the sporting spirit of the cabin.

To promote maximum concentration, the driver of GTbyCITROňN has a head-up display for driving information. Using red LEDs, this system projects key driving information Ė such as speed and navigation data Ė onto the windscreen in the driver's direct line of vision. The head-up display makes a significant contribution to safety with its direct read-out. Drivers assimilate data more quickly and do not have to look away from the road.

- Aerodynamics optimised to combine performance and driving sensations

Special emphasis was placed on the aerodynamics and flowing design of GTbyCITROňN, these being key CitroŽn values. The objective was to enhance the vehicle's dynamics and to create exceptional driving sensations.

Looking beyond its taut, dynamic lines, this racing car features innovative equipment such as enlarged air intakes at the front, a flat underside, and a mobile spoiler and air diffuser at the rear. All these features play an active role in reducing lift and Ė above all Ė drag, to pin the car to the ground.

With its flowing lines, original architecture and its use Ė in the game Ė of what is potentially the best environmental technology, GTbyCITROňN embodies the sporting spirit as seen by CitroŽn and underlines the Marque's ambitions to meet new challenges.